Winning Global Customers through Innovative Quality Pharmaceutical Products

Research and Development

Ind-Swift had recognized the pivotal role that will be played by the R&D much ahead of time and therefore, in spite of several hurdles faced by the Company earlier, it continued to invest in R&D. Today Company's modern R&D set up is the result of that wisdom. Company is well placed to face the post 2005 scenario which still confounds many domestic companies.

R&D Focus

In the patent free environment, where there are a plethora of bulk drug manufacturers, the Company has decided to concentrate on those molecules, manufacture of which requires complex chemistry and several reactions steps. This way a lot of fringe players are eliminated and the market is less crowded. A strong R&D set up is inevitable to achieve this.

As a result, we have built up considerable R&D strengths, centered on a knowledge base pool of over 80 scientists and technical personnel are working towards the common goal of achieving excellence in all spheres of activities, be it development of new molecule, changes in the process resulting in cost reduction or improvement in the quality of products. As a result of its R&D initiatives, the Company has been able to introduce several new molecules first time in India. ISLL is a technology driven company. The technologies are not only cost effective, but also give quality products, consistently with higher purity. ISLL has been investing aggressively in its R&D activities, to the level of almost 6% of its turnover.

R&D Activities

Our major strengths and core competencies lay in the development and commercialization of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) in line with regulatory and quality requirements.

  • Process optimisation and improvement.
  • Research for APIs/ advance intermediates and fine chemicals
  • Development of non-infringing processes for promising molecules
  • Contract research
  • Pilot studies of new molecules for clients.

Future Directions:

R&D will play a more significant role in future. While development of new molecules will remain its core activity in the post patent era the Company will also focus on alternate and non-infringing routes for the drugs whose patent will expire in coming years.

To enter the regulated markets like USA, EU, Australia, and New Zealand, the Company is focusing on getting its manufacturing plant approved by regulatory agencies like USFDA, TGA and MCA.

A new R&D Center with investment of US$ 5 Million is already planned in Mohali with a focus to develop NCEs.

Creative spirit, dedicated effort and application of new technology, form the basis for innovation, which the pharmaceutical industry requires for success in today's research driven environment. Ind-Swift itself is at the forefront of science in utilizing novel methodologies for the achievement of its goal.