Winning Global Customers through Innovative Quality Pharmaceutical Products

Custom Synthesis

Tie up with Ind Swift gives the customer competitive edge through faster product development and optimized costs. Custom synthesis at Ind Swift is tailored to meet the customer needs. There is a dedicated kilo lab at the R&D center. There is a pilot plant that’s a plant by itself. All five manufacturing plants of the Company are cGMP compliant and conform to international standards.

Contract Manufacturing

To expand your product line with minimum investment Ind Swift Laboratories Inc. provides Contract Manufacturing services. This is an efficient way to increase your product line and profit margins, while taking advantages of ISLL’s manufacturing experience and expertise. Also our focus is on manufacturing only API’s and intermediates and not formulations, thereby avoiding any conflicting business situations with the clients.



Temp Range from - 150°C to +250°C

» Pressure Capacity upto 15 kg/sq inch.
» Expertise in Chiral Synthesis
» Grignard Reaction
» Stetter Reaction
» Silylation
» Oximation
» Ketalisation
» Hydrogenation Under Pressure
» Beckmann Rearrangement
» Methylation
» Hydrolysis
» Esterification
» Condensation
» Reduction
» Oxidation
» Bromination(Free Radical)
» Friedal-Craft reaction
» Hich Vaccum Distillation
» Acylation